Predefined Objects

Object Value Name CDXML Name
Document 0x8000 kCDXObj_Document CDXML
The top-level CDX object. It contains all CDX attributes and objects.
Page 0x8001 kCDXObj_Page page
A drawing space that can contain other objects.
Group 0x8002 kCDXObj_Group group
A logical collection of objects.
Fragment 0x8003 kCDXObj_Fragment fragment
A collection of nodes and their connectivity (bonds).
Node 0x8004 kCDXObj_Node n
The basic building block of chemical objects, usually referring to a single atom
Bond 0x8005 kCDXObj_Bond b
A connection between two Node objects.
Text 0x8006 kCDXObj_Text t
An arbitrary block of (possibly styled) text.
Graphic 0x8007 kCDXObj_Graphic graphic
A (generally non-chemical) graphic object such as a line, arc, circle, or rectangle.
Bracketed Group 0x8017 kCDXObj_BracketedGroup bracketedgroup
A collection of objects surrounded by brackets (or braces or parentheses).
Bracket Attachment 0x8018 kCDXObj_BracketAttachment bracketattachment
A linkage that connects a Bracketed Group to some object outside that group.
Crossing Bond 0x8019 kCDXObj_CrossingBond crossingbond
A Bond that connects a Bracketed Group to a Node outside that group.
Curve 0x8008 kCDXObj_Curve curve
A Bézier curve.
Embedded Object 0x8009 kCDXObj_EmbeddedObject embeddedobject
A Macintosh PICT, a Windows Metafile, or a Windows OLE Object.
Table 0x8016 kCDXObj_Table table
A grid-like arrangement of drawing spaces.
Named Alternative Group 0x800A kCDXObj_NamedAlternativeGroup altgroup
A container object holding fragments that represent alternative substituents for a query.
Template Grid 0x800B kCDXObj_TemplateGrid templategrid
A TemplateGrid indicates how multiple CDX page objects should be arranged in a Template document.
Registry Number 0x800C kCDXObj_RegistryNumber regnum
A registry or catalog number, along with the name of the authority which issued the number.
Reaction Scheme 0x800D kCDXObj_ReactionScheme scheme
A description of a single- or multi-step reaction, containing one or more Reaction Steps.
Reaction Step 0x800E kCDXObj_ReactionStep step
A description of one step in a reaction. It contains the constituents, conditions, and products.
Spectrum 0x8010 kCDXObj_Spectrum spectrum
An NMR, MS, IR or other sort of spectral plot.
Object Tag 0x8011 kCDXObj_ObjectTag objecttag
Arbitrarily named property, one or more of which can be attached to any ChemDraw object.
Sequence 0x8013 kCDXObj_Sequence sequence
One member of an ordered series; the contents of its Text object may change as other objects are added to or removed from the series.
Cross-Reference 0x8014 kCDXObj_CrossReference crossreference
A link to some Sequence object.
Border 0x8020 kCDXObj_Border border
A collection of information describing one edge of an object.
Geometry 0x8021 kCDXObj_Geometry geometry
A geometrical relationship between one or more objects.
Constraint 0x8022 kCDXObj_Constraint constraint
A distance or angle constraint between one or more objects.
TLC Plate 0x8023 kCDXObj_TLCPlate tlcplate
A rectangular object representing a Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plate.
TLC Lane 0x8024 kCDXObj_TLCLane tlclane
A logical object representing a series of spots arranged vertically on a TLC plate.
TLC Spot 0x8025 kCDXObj_TLCSpot tlcspot
A single spot on a TLC plate.
Splitter 0x8015 kCDXObj_Splitter splitter
An object that divides the page into horizontal bands
Chemical Property 0x8026 kCDXObj_ChemicalProperty chemicalproperty
A (physical) chemical property associated with a collection of objects, usually atoms and bonds.
Color Table 0x0300 kCDXProp_ColorTable colortable
The color palette used throughout the document. Color indexes 0 and 1 always correspond to black and white and are not saved in the color table. The first and second RGB values (color indexes 2 and 3) are the default background and foreground colors, and other colors are numbered sequentially.
Color n/a n/a color
An RGB color.
Font Table 0x0100 kCDXProp_FontTable fonttable
A list of fonts used in the document.
Font n/a n/a font
A logical font definition.
Style n/a n/a s
A string of text in exactly one style.
Represents Property 0x000e kCDXProp_RepresentsProperty represent
An object used to indicate that its containing object has chemical meaning that is also represented in another object.
Arrow 0x8027 kCDXObj_Arrow arrow
A line or arc, optionally with arrowheads on one or both ends


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