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dataType Object
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Member of ChemDraw Control.

For a list of all members defined for this object, see DataType Members.

ChemDraw DataType Class represents a DataType object in the ChemDraw application.


A DataType object defines a data type, which is composed of an extension, a MIME type and a flag indicating whether it is valid.


 Dim myDataType As DataType, i As Integer, s As String
 Debug.Print "Exportable types are: " 
 'shows export data types 
 For  Each myDataType In ChemDrawCtl1.ExportDataTypes
      s = myDataType.MIME
      If  myDataType.Extension <> "" Then
          s = s & " (" & myDataType.Extension & ")"
      End If
      Debug.Print vbTab & s
 Next myDataType

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