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RfTag Property
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Member of ChemDraw Control.TLCSpot.

Returns the ObjectTag that displays the spot's retention factor (Rf)

Property type

Read-only property


Visual Basic
Public Property RfTag() As ObjectTag

Return Type


'Example of TLC Plate, Lanes & Spot
 Private Sub cmdAddLane_Click()
     Dim MyTLCspot As TLCSpot
     Dim MyTLCLane As TLCLane
     myTLCPlate.AddLane MyLane
     myTLCPlate.Lanes(myTLCPlate.Lanes.Count).AddSpot MyTLCspot 
     MyTLCspot.Bold = True
     MyTLCspot.Color = vbGreen
     MyTLCspot.Dashed = False 
     MyTLCspot.Filled = True
     myTLCspot.Height = 0.4
     Text1.Text = MyTLCspot.ID
     MyTLCspot.Rf = 0.5 
     Text2.Text = MyTLCspot.RfTag 
     MyTLCspot.ShowRf = True
     MyTLCspot.Spacing = 0.1
     MyTLCspot.Tail = 0.5 
     MyTLCspot.Visible = True 
     MyTLCspot.Width = 0.4
 End Sub

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