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Products Property
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Member of ChemDraw Control.ReactionStep.

Returns the objects that act as products relative to this step

Property type

Read-only property


Visual Basic
Public Property Products() As ReactionStepComponents

Return Type


'This example returns data from a reaction step
 Dim myReactionStep as ChemDrawControl10Ctl.ReactionStep
 Set myReactionStep = ctlChemDraw.Objects.ReactionSchemes.Item(1).ReactionSteps.Item(1)

 Private Sub cmdCommand_Click()
     Text1.text = "angular size " & myReactionStep.Arrow.AngularSize 'shows arrow´s angle
     Text2.text = "above arrow " & myReactionStep.ObjectsAboveArrow.Count
     Text3.text = "below arrow " & myReactionStep.ObjectsBelowArrow.Count
     Text4.text = "plusses " & myReactionStep.Plusses.Count
     Text5.text = "products " & myReactionStep.Products.Count
     Text6.text = "reactants " & myReactionStep.Reactants.Count
 End Sub

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