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GetObjectTag Method
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Name is the name of the ObjectTag you wish to get.


Returns a specified object tag.


Visual Basic
Public Function GetObjectTag( _
   ByVal name As String _
) As ObjectTag


Name is the name of the ObjectTag you wish to get.

Return Type


Retrieves a previously created ObjectTag for this object. Once the ObjectTag is retrieved, you can work on its properties; read them, or assign values to those that are read/write.


'Declaration of variables - object can be any ChemDraw object
 Dim vObjectTag As ChemDrawControl10Ctl.ObjectTag
 Dim myObject As ChemDrawControl10Ctl.Object
 Dim vName As String
 Private Sub cmdMake_Click()
     vName = "NewName"
     Dim vAux As String
     vAux = "Value in ObjectTag"
     Set vObjectTag = Nothing
    'creates the object tag
     MyObject.MakeObjectTag vName, vObjectTag, True
     vObjectTag.StringValue = vAux
     If  (Not vObjectTag Is Nothing) Then
         'gets the object tag but it must be visible to see
         MyObject.GetObjectTag vName
         vObjectTag.Visible = True
         Text1.Text = vObjectTag.StringValue 
         'Values can be assigned to the referenced ObjectTag  
         MyObject.GetObjectTag(vName).Color = VBRed
         MyObject.GetObjectTag(vName).Caption.Angle = 45
     End If
 End Sub

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