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Application Property
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Member of ChemDraw Control.MenuItem.

Returns the application of the menu item.

Property type

Read-only property


Visual Basic
Public Property Application() As Object

Return Type



Private Sub cmdApplication_click()
   'Declares variables 
    Dim myMenu As ChemDrawControl11Ctl.Menu
    Dim myMenus As ChemDrawControl11Ctl.Menus
    Dim myMenuBar As ChemDrawControl11Ctl.MenuBar
    Dim myMenuBars As ChemDrawControl11Ctl.MenuBars
    Dim myMenuItem As ChemDrawControl11Ctl.MenuItem
    Dim myMenuItems As ChemDrawControl11Ctl.MenuItems
   'Returns number of MENU BARS
    Text1.Text = "menuBars " & ctlChemDraw.Application.MenuBars.Count
    Set  myMenuBar = ctlChemDraw.Application.MenuBars.Item(1)
    'Returns number of MENUS
    Text2.Text = "menus " & myMenuBar.Menus.Count
    Set myMenu = myMenuBar.Menus.Item(1) 
    'Returns number of MENU ITEMS 
    Text3.Text = "menuItems " & myMenu.MenuItems.Count
    Set myMenuItem = myMenu.MenuItems.Item(6)  
   'Returns menu item properties
    Text4.Text = myMenuItem.Application
    Text5.Text = myMenuItem.Caption
    Text6.Text = myMenuItem.Checked
    Text7.Text = myMenuItem.CommandId
    Text8.Text = myMenuItem.Enabled
    Text9.Text = myMenuItem.index
End Sub

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