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Splines Property
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Member of ChemDraw Control.Group. 

Returns the splines collection of this group.

Property type

Read-only property


Visual Basic
Public Property Splines() As Splines

Return Type



The splines property refers to the collection of splines which is within this Group. The properties associated with the collection are the following:

myGroup.Splines.Application      returns the application associated with the splines collection
myGroup.Splines.Count             returns the number of splines in the collection
myGroup.Splines.Item(i)           returns one spline from the collection
myGroup.Splines.Parent            returns the parent of the splines collection

With Group.Splines.Item(i) all the spline properties are enabled for spline(i). This index starts with 1.


'AltGroup.Splines va el
 Private Sub ctlChemDraw_SelectionChanged(ByVal selection As ChemDrawControl10Ctl.IChemDrawSelection)
     Set MyGroup = ctlChemDraw.MakeGroup()
     For Grouping = 1 To selection.Objects.Count - 1 'group the objects, without grouping the group
          Selection.Objects.Item(Grouping).Group = MyGroup
     Next Grouping
     Label1.Caption = "AltGroups: " & MyGroup.AltGroups.Count
     Label2.Caption = "Bonds: " & MyGroup.Bonds.Application
     Label3.Caption = "Captions: " & MyGroup.Captions.Item(1).Text
     Label4.Caption = "Atoms: " & MyGroup.Atoms.Parent.ID
     Label5.Caption = "Constraints: " & MyGroup.Constraints.Count
     Label6.Caption = "Geometries: " & MyGroup.Geometries.Count
     Label7.Caption = "Objects: " & MyGroup.Objects.Count
     Label8.Caption = "Pictures: " & MyGroup.Pictures.Count
     Label9.Caption = "Splines: " & MyGroup.Splines.Count
     Label10.Caption = "StoichiometryGrids: " & MyGroup.StoichiometryGrids.Count
     Label11.Caption = "Tables: " & MyGroup.Tables.Count
     Label12.Caption = "TLCPlates: " & MyGroup.TLCPlates.Count
 End Sub

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