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CDTIFFCompression Enumeration
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kCDTIFFCompressionNone1No compression.
kCDTIFFCompressionPackBits2Used for file reduction. Encodes repeating bits of information as output when using the CMYK planar color option.
kCDTIFFCompressionCCITT33Used for fax transmissions of images.
kCDTIFFCompressionCCITT44Used for fax transmissions of images.
kCDTIFFCompressionDeflate5Similar to LZW compression. Works well with color and resolution options.


TIFF format (Tagged Image File Format) is a high resolution format commonly used for saving graphics to import into desktop publishing applications on the same or on different computer platforms. TIFF images can be saved using a variety of resolution, color and compression options.

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