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CDSymbolType Enumeration
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kCDSymbolTypeLonePair0 indicates a lone pair of electrons
kCDSymbolTypeElectron1 indicates a single non bonded electron (used on radicals)
kCDSymbolTypeRadicalCation2 indicates a positive charge (used on radicals)
kCDSymbolTypeRadicalAnion3 indicates a negative charge (used on radicals)
kCDSymbolTypeCirclePlus4 positive charge (used on structures)
kCDSymbolTypeCircleMinus5 negative charge (used on structures)
kCDSymbolTypeDoubleDagger7 double dagger
kCDSymbolTypePlus8 positive charge (used on structures)
kCDSymbolTypeMinus9 negative charge (used on structures)
kCDSymbolTypeRacemic10 stereochemical flag indicates a mixture of the exact stereoisomer as drawn and its enantiomer (and)
kCDSymbolTypeAbsolute11 stereochemical flag indicates the exact stereoisomer as drawn
kCDSymbolTypeRelative12stereochemical flag indicates the exact stereoisomer as drawn or its enantiomer (or)

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