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Software Developer's Kit - ChemDraw

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Extension - MIME
Project Overview


Lists extensions and MIME´s.


Extension  MIME
CDX  chemical/x-cdx (cdx)
CDX  chemical/cdx (cdx)  
CDXML  text/xml (cdxml)  
CHM  chemical/x-chemdraw (chm)
mol  chemical/x-mdl-molfile (mol)
mol  chemical/mdl-molfile (mol)
mol  chemical/x-mdl-molfile-v3000 (mol)
mol  chemical/mdl-molfile-v3000 (mol)
rxn   chemical/x-mdl-rxn (rxn)  
rxn   chemical/mdl-rxn (rxn)
rxn  chemical/x-mdl-rxn-v3000 (rxn)
rxn  chemical/mdl-rxn-v3000 (rxn)
tgf  chemical/x-mdl-tgf (tgf)
tgf  chemical/mdl-tgf (tgf)
skc  chemical/x-mdl-isis (skc)
skc  chemical/mdl-isis (skc)
msm  chemical/x-msi-molfile (msm)
msm  chemical/msi-molfile (msm)
smd  chemical/x-smd (smd)
smd  chemical/smd (smd)
ct  chemical/x-ct (ct)
ct  chemical/ct (ct) 
cml  chemical/x-cml (cml)
cml  chemical/cml (cml)
inchi  chemical/x-inchi
inchi  chemical/inchi
wmf  image/x-wmf (wmf)
wmf  image/wmf (wmf)
wmf  image/x-wmfs (wmf)
emf  image/x-emf (emf)
emf  image/emf (emf)
bmp  image/bmp (bmp)
gif  image/gif (gif)
png  image/x-png (png)
png  image/png (png)
tif  image/tiff (tif)
eps  application/postscript (eps)


Lists available file formats that the Save dialog will default to, if it is set to default to a specific file format. A DataType object defines a data type, which is an extension, a MIME type and a flag indicating whether it is valid.

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