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CDFormat Enumeration
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kCDFormatCDX1397573699CDX native format of ChemDraw - public tagged file format that stores information about a ChemDraw structure in a series of data blocks.
kCDFormatISISTGF1179079789ISIS TGF saves files as ASCII text file for transfer to ISIS applications running on different platforms. TGF is transportable graphics file.
kCDFormatISISSketch1129010029ISIS sketch saves files binary sketch files for transfer to another ISIS applications running on the same operating system.
kCDFormatMDLMolfile1280265581MDL file format is used by several chemical databases and drawing applications.
kCDFormatGIF1715882311GIF graphic interface format - useful for working with hypertext markup language HTML.
kCDFormatBMP542133570Bit map - stores raster graphics in an array of individual bits.
kCDFormatTIFF1179011412TIFF tagged image file format - is a high resolution format used for saving graphics to import into desktop publishing.
kCDFormatPNG1715949136PNG portable network graphics - file format is an alternative to GIF format for adding graphics to web pages.
kCDFormatJPEG1195724874JPEG joint photographical experts group - files digital images compressed with the JPEG algorithm.
kCDFormatMetafile1279675735WMF Windows metafile - saves the GDI graphic device interface representation of a ChemDraw drawing.
kCDFormatEnhMetafile1279675717Enhanced WMF Windows metafile
kCDFormatISISReaction1314411117ISIS reaction - MDL developed format for storing chemical reaction information used by ISIS products and others.
kCDFormatGalacticSpectra541282387SPC file format, developed by Galactic Industries, reads spectral data from every type of spectrometer and converts to SPC format. SPC is a well defined, proprietary, but open standard format for spectral data.
kCDFormatJcampSpectra542655562JCAMP joint commission on atomic and molecular properties - JDX file format for spectral data. JDX is a public, but not well defined format that has numerous variations.
kCDFormatCDXML1299735619CDXML - interpreted version of CDX that conforms to the CDXML specification.
kCDFormatCML544634727CML chemical markup language - extensible, chemically aware markup language based on XML.
kCDFormatEPSFText1414746181EPS Text encapsulated post script - ASCII text file that contains the scalable PostScript representation of a ChemDraw drawing that can be opened using other applications and platforms. Contains only text.
kCDFormatEPSFPreview1347637317EPS Preview encapsulated post script - ASCII text file that contains the scalable PostScript representation of a ChemDraw drawing that can be opened using other applications and platforms. Contains a graphic representation of the drawing.
kCDFormatChemDraw35892553283File formats used for saving or opening ChemDraw documents using 3.5 version.
kCDFormatConnTab1950573635Connection Table - simple format that saves a list of atom connectivities.
kCDFormatMSIChemNote1298756461MSI, MSM molecular simulations MolFile - ASCII text file used by applications such as ChemNote.
kCDFormatSMD1684886371SMD standard molecular data - ASCII text file format used by programs that search chemical abstracts databases.
kCDFormatSMILES2118733139SMILES string - describes a chemical structure in a line of text
kCDFormatSLN2119060563SLN string - used to export to a Tripos application.
kCDFormatInChI1749249651InChi strings - International Chemical Identifier protocol.


File formats that the Save dialog will default to, if it is set to default to a specific file format.

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