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CDBondOrder Enumeration
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kCDBondOrderSingle1Single Bond
kCDBondOrderDouble2Double Bond
kCDBondOrderTriple4Triple Bond
kCDBondOrderQuadruple8Quadruple Bond
kCDBondOrderQuintuple16Quintuple Bond
kCDBondOrderSextuple32Sextuple Bond
kCDBondOrderHalf64Half Bond
kCDBondOrderOneHalf128One and Half Bond
kCDBondOrderTwoHalf256Two and Half Bond
kCDBondOrderThreeHalf512Three and Half Bond
kCDBondOrderFourHalf1024Four and Half Bond
kCDBondOrderFiveHalf2048Five and Half Bond
kCDBondOrderDative4096Dative Bond
kCDBondOrderIonic8192Ionic Bond
kCDBondOrderHydrogen16384Hydrogen Bond
kCDBondOrderThreeCenter32768Three Center Bond
kCDBondOrderSingleOrDouble3Single or Double Bond
kCDBondOrderSingleOrAromatic129Single or Aromatic Bond
kCDBondOrderDoubleOrAromatic130Double or Aromatic Bond
kCDBondOrderAny-1Any Bond


Bond order works as a bit mask:

Single (bit 0)
Double (bit 1)
Triple (bit 2)
Quadruple (bit 3)
Quintuple (bit 4)
Sextuple (bit 5)

Half (bit 6)

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