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CDBondCIPType Enumeration
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Stereochemistry for bonds.


kCDCIPBondUndetermined0Stereochemistry has not been determined.
kCDCIPBondNone1No stereochemistry.
kCDCIPBondE2E if the highest ranking ligand of each pair is not on the same side of the bond. It is designated as E (entgegen means opposite). 
kCDCIPBondZ3Z if the highest ranking ligand of each pair are on the same side of the bond, otherwise E. It is designated as Z (zusammen = together) if the groups lie on the same side of a reference plane passing through the double bond and perpendicular to the plane containing the bonds linking the groups to the double-bonded atoms.


The descriptors may be applied to structures with a fractional bond order between one and two; and to double bonds involving elements other than carbon. They are not used to describe ring substitution relationships.

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