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DataObjectFiles Collection
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Member of ChemDraw Control.

For a list of all members defined for this collection, see  DataObjectFiles Members.

ChemDraw DataObjectFiles Class represents a DataObjectFiles object.


A DataObjectFiles collection object is a standard collection object which holds a collection of file names for the DataObject object. The clipboard formats ChemDraw understands are:

  • ChemDraw Interchange Format
  • ChemDraw Structure Data
  • ChemDraw Text Styles
  • DARC-F1
  • DARC-F1Query
  • DARC-F1Markush
  • DARC-F1MarkushQuery
  • Chemistry Exchange
  • Owner Link
  • Object Link
  • Link
  • Native
  • Binary
  • Transfer Descriptor
  • Data Object
  • Embedded Object
  • Embed Source
  • Link Source
  • Ole Draw
  • Link Source Descriptor
  • Object Descriptor

The ChemDraw Control doesn't make use of these strings directly, but uses the Long constant returned by calling RegisterClipboardFormat().

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