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ImportDataTypes Property
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Member of ChemDrawCtl.

Returns all data types that can be imported.

Property type

Read-only property


Visual Basic
Public Property ImportDataTypes() As DataTypes

Return Type


A DataType object defines a data type, which is an extension, a MIME type and a flag indicating whether it is valid.


 Private Sub cmdCommand1_Click() 
     Dim #Counter As Integer 
     Open CurDir() & "\myLog.doc" for Output as #1
     Dim myDataType As DataType, i As Integer, s As String " 
     'sends to printer all the Import Data Types
     Print #1 "Import data types are: " 
     Counter = 0
     For  Each myDataType In ChemDrawCtl1.ImportDataTypes
          s = myDataType.MIME
          If  myDataType.Extension <> "" Then
              s = s & " (" & myDataType.Extension & ")"
          End If
          Print #1, Counter & vbTab & s
     Next myDataType
     Print 1, Chr$(12); 'page break  
     Close #1
 End Sub

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