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Application Property
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Member of ChemDraw Control.Brackets

Returns the application associated with the brackets collection.

Property type

Read-only property


Visual Basic
Public Property Application() As Object

Return Type


This property returns the application of the collection of atoms.


'Declares variable 
 Dim myBrackets As ChemDrawControl11Ctl.Brackets
Set myBrackets = ctlChemDraw.Selection.Objects.Brackets

 Private Sub cmdbracketsItem_Click()
    'returns the application of the brackets collection
     Text1.text = MyBrackets.Application
    'returns the number of brackets in the brackets collection
     Text2.text = MyBrackets.Count
    'sets the Item(1) of the brackets collection 
     myBracket.Item(1).BracketType = 2
    'returns element number of Item(1)of the brackets collection
     Text3.text = MyBrackets.Item(1).SRULabel
 End Sub

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