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Border Object
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Member of ChemDraw Control.

For a list of all members defined for this object, see Border Members.

ChemDraw Border Class represents a border object 


The object border refers to the border of a cell and a cell is one of the postions in a table.


'Declares variables 
 Dim myCell As ChemDrawControl11Ctl.Cell
 Private Sub cmdCell_Click()
    'Sets and returns the border color
     Text1.text = MyCell.BottomBorder.Color
    'Sets and returns whether the border is dashed
     Text2.text = MyCell.BottomBorder.IsDashed 
    'Sets the color 
     myCells.Item(1).TopBorder.Color = VBRed
    'Returns the width of the border 
     Text3.text = MyCell.TopBottomBorder.Width
 End Sub

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