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BondDisplay Property
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Member of ChemDraw Control.Bond.

Sets and returns the primary display type for this bond.

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property BondDisplay() As CDBondDisplay

Return Type


This is an enumerated property and returns the display type of a bond object. If this property is absent then the bond is treated as solid.

In general, the molecules are presented in some kind of perspective drawing, based on the idea that the four substituents of a tetrahedral center can be divided into two pairs, lying in mutually perpendicular planes.  Frequently, the center and two substituents are shown in the plane of the drawing (i.e. the plane of the drawing surface) and their bonds are depicted as plain lines.  Bonds to the other two substituents are shown with different symbols.


'In the form general section (or as public in the module)
 Dim myBond As ChemDrawControl10Ctl.Bond
 Private Sub ctlChemDraw_SelectionChanged(ByVal selection As _ 
     'Checks that there is a bond loaded in the variable 
     If  Selection.Bonds.Count < 1 Then 
         Exit Sub
     End If
 End Sub
 Private Sub Command1_Click()
     Text1.Text= myBond.BondDisplay 
     myBond.BondDisplay = kCDBondDisplayDash
 End Sub

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