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SubstituentType Property
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Member of ChemDraw Control.Atom.

Sets and returns the type of restricted substitution on this atom

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property SubstituentType() As CDAtomSubstituentType

Return Type


The substituents properties specify the number of substituents that may be bonded to the selected atoms. In ChemDraw, a substituent is defined as a non-hydrogen atom connected by a bond of any order. The available SubstituentTypes are: RestrictNone, RestrictFreeSites,  RestrictSubstituentsUpTo or RestrictSubstituentsExactly.


'Declares variables
 Dim myAtom As ChemDrawControl10Ctl.Atom
'Checks that there is an atom loaded in the variable
 If  Selection.Atoms.Count < 1 Then
     Exit Sub
 End If

'Reads and sets this property
 Private Sub cmdSubstituentType_Click() 
     myAtom.SubstituentType = kCDAtomRestrictFreeSites 
     Text2.text = myAtom.SubstituentType  
 End Sub

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