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End Property
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Member of ChemDraw Control.Arrow

Sets and returns the end-position of this arrow

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property End() As Point

Return Type


The end point of the arrow is the point opposite to where the head would normally be. It is indicated by a point, expressed in CurCoords.

For a straight arrow the End point is the tail point (the origin of the drawing, opposite the arrow head).
For a curved arrow the End point is the center of the angle subtended by the curve.

The end point indicates the position of the arrow. 


'Declares variable vArrow
 DimvArrow As ChemDrawControl10Ctl.Arrow
'Checks that there is an arrow loaded in the variable
 If  Selection.Arrows.Count < 1 Then
     Exit Sub
 End If

 Private Sub cmdEnd_click()
'Reads the X & Y coordinates of the arrow´s end point 
     Text1.text = vArrow.End.X
     Text2.text = vArrow.End.Y
    'Example to ASSIGN values to the X & Y coordinates of the arrow´s end point 
     Dim myPoint As ChemDrawControl10Ctl.Point
     Set myPoint = vArrow.End
     myPoint.X = 350
     myPoint.Y = 150
     vArrow.End = myPoint
     Label1.Caption = "END" + chr$(13) + _
            Format(vArrow.End.X, "0.0") + " End X" + Chr$(13) + _
            Format(vArrow.End.Y, "0.0") + " End Y" + Chr$(13)
 End Sub

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