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September 19, 2014

ChemBioOffice Enterprise 12.1.7 Service Release

We are pleased to announce ChemBioOffice Enterprise 12.1.7, a new release of PerkinElmer’s suite of applications for managing substances. The CBOE 12.1.7 release includes qualification with significant new versions of dependent software. E-Notebook-COE 12.6.0 integration is qualified with this release and it can be applied on all CBOE 12.1 installations.

This release is a maintenance cumulative rollup release, which provides significant enhancements as well as solutions for software defects reported.

The key features of this release include:

• Oracle support is qualified with this patch.
• CDAX 12 and 14 is qualified with this patch.
• E-Notebook:
 o COE-ELN integration: This release qualified ELN integration with COE 12.6.0.
 o AccelrysDraw 4.0/4.1 is qualified with this patch.
 o BioAssay 12.1 and 12.4 is qualified with this patch. In Bioassay 12.4, internal data source memory leakage has been handled and improved.
 o BioAnalytical
   - Database enhancements have been done to improve the picker lists performance.
   - Advanced Solution Management (ASM) has been qualified with this patch.
   - Watson Integration is qualified with this patch.
   - Qualification of BioAnalytical has been done on Oracle
• Office 2013 Professional is completely qualified with this patch.
• SDM is qualified with this patch which has some major fixes.

• Overall 203 individual items are addressed in this release.
• 88 customer reported bugs were fixed

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