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January 14, 2013

ChemBioOffice Enterprise 12.5.2 Patch

CBOE 12.5.2 is a patch release applicable to CBOE 12.1.x or CBOE 12.5 systems.  This patch does not include any changes to E-Notebook components. E-Notebook issues are addressed in the CBOE 12.1.x patch series.

•    Improved Row Level Security (RLS) workflows including batch level edit capabilities.
•    Introduced Record locking workflow which blocks users from editing.
•    Improved Sites Workflow.
•    Improved Picklist domain features.
•    Improved Finer control of edit record privileges.
•    Introduced default prefixes for the Submit new component page.
•    Introduced feature to see the notebooks filtered by user logged in.
•    Introduced New GUI.
•    Inventory RLS qualification.
•    Improved the security that only privileged users can search Registration and ChemACX data from Inventory.
Inventory Loader:
•    Introduced container and Registration Update workflow.
•    Introduced adding multiple fragments to Registered compounds.
•    Introduced support to RLS at Batch Level in Registration.
•    Introduced Registration integration to a larger extent.
•    Introduced registration identifiers mapping.
•    Compatibility with SpotFire 4.5 has been introduced.
•    Product quality have been improved by resolving reported issues in BioSAR, CBV Excel, DV Manager, DocManager, Framework, and COE-ELN integration.
•    Resolved many defects and change requests. 

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