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October 08, 2010

E-Notebook Oracle Enterprise Patch

There is a new E-Notebook Enterprise patch available for download. This patch includes:
a) The optional add-in “Installation Information Collection” that is applicable to the existing Installation as well as to the new installation of E-Notebook 11.0.3.
b) New enhancement – “Configurable Properties to be Cleared” for AnalyzeRxnCSListener.
c) The update for Image Magic (3rd-party components utilized by E-Notebook) is included.
d) The updates for the following market add-ins are included into this patch: Simple e-Sig, Sample Management, SDM, Send2V2. To apply the updates for the optional Add-ins please follow the general steps described in 2.1 Prerequisites of “ReadmeFIRST.doc”.
e) New bug fixes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: is not compatible with ISISDraw. E-Notebook customers using ISIS integration should not apply this patch. They can use previous patch
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