Desktop and Enterprise Software, Solutions and Services for Chemists and Biologists.

Informatics Planning

PerkinElmer Informatics will work with you to discuss individual and workgroup productivity goals, their feasibility and requirements.

Strategic and Operational Planning

A formal analysis is conducted to provide a roadmap for successful technology utilization.

This process includes:

  • An analysis of the current state of the science technology environment, including architecture and operational processes
  • A view of strategic goals and the barriers to achievement
  • The delivery of a phased technology transition plan

Requirements Analysis & Proof of Concept

PerkinElmer Informatics consultants can create or refine requirements to produce an environment that will ensure success. With years of experience meeting the needs of the scientific community, PerkinElmer Informatics understands the user. The prototyping process allows definition and testing of the functional and technical feasibility of potential technology solutions. The process provides a baseline for the future development and deployment of a tailored solution. Users gain valuable first hand knowledge in experiencing how the system can help achieve individual and workgroup goals.

Project Readiness Assessment

Is your project set up for success? Is it well defined into measurable deliverables? Are the roles of project members clearly defined? PerkinElmer Informatics Project Readiness Assessment has one goal in mind—to create or assess current plans and make recommendations to ensure that results are achieved.

21CFR11 Compliance

Successfully implemented, a traceable and usable system is essential to any organization involved in the creation and management of data in a regulated environment. As an integral part in creating 21CFR11 and GxP validated applications, PerkinElmer Informatics offers services to:

  • Audit the software and process
  • Create conforming systems design specifications
  • Generate test plans and validation matrices
  • Insure systems compliance with functional guidelines