PerkinElmer Informatics Professional Services and Solutions

Professional Services

PerkinElmer Informatics scientific staff has the industry experience, chemical and biological knowledge to maximize the effectiveness of your information systems.

  • Desktop Support

    Free online support available for your desktop software.

  • Enterprise Service

    Free online support available for your enterprise software.

  • Informatics Planning

    PerkinElmer Informatics will work with you to discuss individual and workgroup productivity goals, their feasibility and requirements.

  • Deployment

    PerkinElmer Informatics will assist with the installation, configuration, customization and deployment of your new solution.

  • Educational Training

    PerkinElmer Informatics offers a variety of training options including Onsite, Online, and Traveling Classroom training. Pre-recorded training sessions are also available online.

  • Systems Management

    PerkinElmer Informatics will deliver the informatics applications environment and the technology staff required to maximize the productivity of your R&D organization.

  • Service Plans

    Service plans provide you with one year of telephone and email support, as well corrective software updates, and in some plans, upgrades to feature-enhanced future versions of the software product you initally licensed and more. Available for both Desktop and Enterprise software.