Announcing CambridgeSoft from Perkin Elmer

A New Informatics Platform for Enhanced Productivity

We are pleased to announce that CambridgeSoft has been acquired by PerkinElmer. With this news, we want to reiterate our commitment to deliver complete integrated systems that help our customers improve the management and interpretation of the vast amounts of data their research scientists and laboratories generate every day. CambridgeSoft from PerkinElmer will provide the informatics platform which enables customers to conduct collaborative science globally within, and between, organizations - increasing laboratory efficiency, reducing reporting times, and turning today's knowledge into tomorrow's breakthroughs.

The CambridgeSoft from PerkinElmer Informatics platform delivers market leading products in both desktop and enterprise-wide software and provides innovative technology that enables enhanced access to scientific knowledge.

This new platform combined with PerkinElmer's existing offerings, particularly OneSource® laboratory asset management services, makes the union uniquely qualified to enable highly efficient laboratory environments and increased scientific productivity.

  • Desktop software includes the world-famous ChemDraw and ChemBioDraw range of structure tools while ChemBioOffice includes the world's leading ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) E-Notebook, and additional modules for Inventory Management, Registration and Formulations management.
  • Ensemble integrates disparate data from customers' legacy ELN, informatics systems and databases, maximizing the value of an organization's scientific intellectual capital.
  • Labworks LIMS manages more than data. It also manages time, resources, and risk. In the end, it isn't about data management - it's about results.

We are excited about the prospects ahead as we blend the considerable talents and technology of CambridgeSoft and PerkinElmer. Our focus remains on providing solutions to offer customers technology, services and support that improve the quality of people's lives worldwide. We take pride in what we do and we hope you will share our enthusiasm about this union and, for the expanded opportunities we envision it will offer.