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For Immediate Release

August 12, 2009

Rich Talbot
Executive Director, Global Support Services

CambridgeSoft Support Case Portal now live!

In an effort to provide a higher level of service and responsiveness, CambridgeSoft is excited to announce the launching of a Support Case Portal.

This is an exciting first step in providing you with real-time information on your Support requests. In this initial phase of our Support Portal, you can log into our website with your CambridgeSoft website user name and password, and get access to any Support cases you have created. Once logged in, you will have the ability to open individual existing cases and review the details of the case. If there are any bugs associated with your cases, you will have the option to see the bug number and title. We are planning on providing a number of additional features (like editing and new case creation capabilities) to the portal as we continue to enhance the site and its offerings.

Please note that the cases you have access to are related to the email address you used for your CambridgeSoft website user account. For example, if you used a yahoo email address to create a CambridgeSoft website user account, you may only see cases associated with that email address in the Portal. If you created Support cases using a corporate email address, they may not show up when you log into the Portal with a non-corporate email address. In that case, you may want to change the email address associated with your website user account (once logged into the CambridgeSoft website, you can go to My Account and then use the My Login Information link to change your email address).

You can go directly to the Support portal by clicking on the following link and you will also find the same link on any of our Support website pages.

About CambridgeSoft:

CambridgeSoft develops and markets life science enterprise solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical companies and scientific research organizations. Software products include enterprise, workgroup and desktop versions of Chem & Bio Office, including Chem & Bio Draw and E-Notebook, with knowledge management, chemical and biological informatics, and scientific database solutions. Web sites include ChemBioFinder.Com and ChemBioNews.Com for indexed database content and news, and SciStore.Com for e-commerce. CambridgeSoft has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, please go to

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