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For Immediate Release

March 23, 2009

Irwin Schreiman
Director, Partner Marketing
CambridgeSoft Corporation

CambridgeSoft Introduces Support Community Forum

CambridgeSoft has offered our user community a location to resolve technical issues, find answers to frequently asked questions, and download manuals and patches since 1994, when our Support web site was first launched. In 1999, our Support web site was recognized by the Association of Support Professionals (ASP) as one of the Top 10 Best Support web sites. Our goal is to continue that tradition of excellence for the CambridgeSoft community. Our first step in meeting that goal is to offer a means by which our users can share their experiences with other CambridgeSoft users.

CambridgeSoft is proud to announce the release of our new Support Community Forum. Our Support Forum is accessible from the Support site. Those who have created a free CambridgeSoft account, will be able to create a Forum name to login to the Forum with to review or post topics for discussion. We also offer a Guest login, where users can review, but not post content. The site is divided into five areas to meet the needs of our audience: Desktop Products, Workgroup Products, Enterprise E-Notebook, ChemInformatics, and BioInformatics. For those interested in staying up to date on topics or posts of choice, an RSS Feed subscription option is available. The site also offers the ability to search through posts, as well as the rest of the Support web site's technical information. Customers can visit the support forums by clicking here.

CambridgeSoft Support staff will be monitoring these forums and responding to posts. Although the Forum is integrated with our Support site and CambridgeSoft Support staff will be monitoring it, we still encourage that users contact Support via email to create Support tickets that can be assigned and tracked for resolution.

Our hope is that the new CambridgeSoft Support Forum will increase productivity. We also hope that the Forum will be a meeting ground where users help users, and share ideas and information. The User Forum is an exciting first step towards continuing our web site excellence. Stay tuned for announcements on additional improvements to the site coming soon.

CambridgeSoft Support Community Forums

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