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  • The iLAB Lab Execution System

    Improve Laboratory Operations Efficiency

    Drive productivity and reduce costs in the laboratory through automation, control and documentation of laboratory tests and procedures

  • Laboratories are under constant pressure to quickly and efficiently deliver accurate, repeatable results while continually lowering operations costs in the face of budget constraints and reductions.
  • At the same time they must be confident that analysts are always following Standard Operating Procedures in every aspect of test execution, reporting and documentation.
  • The iLAB™ Laboratory Execution System (LES), a core component of the Ensemble® for QA/QC informatics platform, provides laboratories with a structured platform that automates, controls and documents test execution and ensures adherence to laboratory procedures.
    • Automation of routine tasks reduces the workload for analysts and reduces the possibility of errors
    • Integration with other informatics systems (inventory, calibration, etc.) is used to control test execution ensuring that SOP are followed each and every time
    • Electronic worksheets provide the documentation needed for investigations, audits or to support regulatory compliance requirements
  • Laboratory managers can be confident that analysts are following testing procedures each and every time, while they are processing samples as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Work Faster - Work Smarter - Work better! Ask for an iLAB LES Demo Now.
  • Learn how iLAB LES and the Ensemble® for QA/QC platform help laboratories work more efficiently, driving productivity while maintaining accuracy and compliance.