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Event Details

  Bio-IT World Conference & Expo 2017


Boston, MA

When :  May 23, 2017  -  May 25, 2017
Event Description:

Bio-IT World Conference & Expo has over 13 tracks, 14 pre-conference workshops, and three industry awards. This event promises to be bigger than ever with more expert content, more industry insights, and more opportunities to build relationships that will drive the bio-IT industry forward.

Talk by Jens Hoefkens on Wednesday 24 at 2:55PM

Title: Democratizing data science: Balancing flexibility and usability for Scientific Applications

Increasingly, scientists are being asked to perform sophisticated data analysis - in a sense become data scientists themselves. However, existing data visualization and exploration capabilities have enabled an increased access to data, use of sophisticated statistical tools to extract knowledge from data remains the purview of a select few data analysis experts. The fundamental chasm between the scientists that understand the background of the data and the statisticians that understand the tools to analyze the data continues to challenge scientific advances in life sciences. We will present a novel data analysis pipelining tool which enables even non-expert users to create complex scientific analysis pipelines. Having been developed entirely inside TIBCO Spotfire, the system leverages the full interactivity, connectivity, extensibility, and ease of use of the world’s leading research data analysis platform. The approach has been successfully used in scientific domains as diverse as screening, translational medicine and lead discovery (incl. SAR analysis).

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