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Event Details

  Spotfire® in Science Webinar: Spotfire: The perfect fit for your Omics data analysis needs




December 01, 2014


  • New York: 12:00 PM
  • San Francisco: 9:00 AM
  • London: 5:00 PM
  • Berlin & Paris: 6:00 PM

Duration:  01:00:00

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Event Description:

If you thought the ALS Ice bucket Challenge was hard, then consider genomics data analysis. Would you feel comfortable analyzing “buckets full of data”?

This webinar will answer challenges you have brought up:

1. Big Data & Statistical Power: “… bottlenecks in the creation of new algorithms and methods with which to assess relationships in large data sets.”

2. Next Generation Sequencing and Validation of Experiments: “… the overwhelming need for data integration is only growing. With the variety of methods, platforms and technologies available for genomics research, its challenging to compare across experiments, validate across technologies and add on the existing knowledge base.”

3. Data Mashup: “…most pressing tasks involve the analysis and interpretation of various types of data.”

Join this webinar and learn how you can take the challenge of tackling Omics data.

For more information about this webinar or to set up a meeting with one of our PerkinElmer representatives, please contact Alexandra Vamvakidou at Alexandra.Vamvakidou@PERKINELMER.COM

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