Your Business Intelligence Partner for Life Science Research

  • Chemistry

    Improve data visualization with chemical intelligence

    Lead Discovery will appeal to your chemical intuition by exposing trusted chemistry algorithms through the TIBCO Spotfire interface. By combining chemical and biological data together, TIBCO Spotfire with Lead Discovery helps drive structural recommendations and improve the choice of synthesis paths. Medicinal chemists can investigate structure activity relationships (SAR) and explore the available compound library through structure based filtering and analysis. You can also establish live connections to corporate registries and biological data warehouses using the Datalytix connector for up-to-the-minute data refresh.

  • Biology

    Combine complex data from multiple assay types for instant insight

    Easily correlate data from high throughput screening (HTS), high content analysis, in vitro and in vivo imaging campaigns into a single analysis to visualize hits, leads and responses to achieve robust, sharable and interactive results. Link biological assay results to compound libraries for powerful downstream SAR analysis using Lead Discovery. Establish live connections to corporate databases using the Datalytix connector for up-to-the-minute data refresh.

  • Genomics

    Import, analyze and validate data generated from genomics studies

    Using the OmicsOffice extension, workflows and tools for qPCR, microarray RNA-Seq, and ChIP-Seq experiments help solve the NGS Big Data challenge. The scientific and workflow knowledge of OmicsOffice combined with the adaptability and ease of use of TIBCO Spotfire provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research groups a powerful genomic data analysis environment that quickly finds and categorizes complex patterns. Easily merge results from traditional genomics data sources with next-generation sequencing (NGS)data.

  • TIBCO Spotfire Software

    Learn how TIBCO Spotfire can improve your results and productivity

    Organizations and individuals can seize new opportunities and evade risks with unmatched speed and flexibility, using the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform. From interactive dashboards and visualizations to predictive analytics, TIBCO Spotfire software is an enterprise analytics platform that helps scientists quickly explore data to spot actionable insights instantly, without requiring IT intervention.