Your Business Intelligence Partner for Life Science

  • Research

    Overcome the challenges of Multivariate Data Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire

    Easily mashup gene expression data, biological assay results, high content imaging , and chemical SAR with a single application and collaborate with colleagues across the globe.

    • Biologists
    • Bioinformaticists
    • QA/QC Analysts
    • Medicinal Chemists
    • Analytical Chemists
  • Clinical

    Build robust analytic solutions using data from multiple disparate clinical development systems

    The powerful, intuitive interface in TIBCO Spotfire enables the business user to develop solutions without delays, avoiding the strain on biostatistics and IT resources. Integrate with Oracle Clinical, MediData Rave, and SAS to provide complete end-to-end insight into clinical study data.

    • Medical Reviewers
    • Data Managers
    • Biostatisticians
    • Study Managers and CRA’s
  • Personalized and Precision Medicine

    Enable rapid interrogation of novel hypotheses to drive Personalized and Precision Medicine

    Easily combine and co-align clinical data (subject, sampling, dosing, labs, etc.) and research and translational data (PK, PD, etc.) thereby empowering the search for molecular mechanisms of disease and for predictive biomarkers of therapy outcome. Effective translational medicine analytics promises to reduce drug attrition and yield high quality, efficacious medicines.

    • Translational Medicine Scientists
    • Personalized Medicine Researchers
  • Manufacturing

    Optimize manufacturing processes; geometrically increase product sensitivity and repeatability

    TIBCO Spotfire provides high-performance analytic software technology and provides an ever increasing level of customer satisfaction. Quickly identify the root cause of batch defects and optimize supply chain. Product yield and quality increase substantially immediately after system implementation.

    • Process Engineers
    • Environmental Monitors
    • Quality Auditors
    • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Sales and Marketing

    Run more effective marketing campaigns

    TIBCO Spotfire fulfills the analytic requirements of your entire marketing organization, from senior executives to front line marketing employees. With TIBCO Spotfire, you can build comprehensive customer profiles, identify unique customer segments, analyze key campaign metrics. In turn, TIBCO Spotfire helps you support the entire customer lifecycle from customer acquisition to relationship growth to customer retention.

    • Brand Managers
    • Sales Trends and Forecasting
    • District Managers
    • Sales Reps
  • TIBCO Spotfire Software

    Learn how TIBCO Spotfire can improve your results and productivity

    Organizations and individuals can seize new opportunities and evade risks with unmatched speed and flexibility, using the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform. From interactive dashboards and visualizations to predictive analytics, TIBCO Spotfire software is an enterprise analytics platform that helps scientists quickly explore data to spot actionable insights instantly, without requiring IT intervention.

    • Life Science
    • Research
    • Clinical
    • Personalized Medicine
    • Manufacturing
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Scientific Research