Mobile Apps Overview

Research collaboration is happening globally, and scientists are constantly on the move: traveling between labs, libraries, offices, meeting rooms, and seminars. They need to communicate, delegating and analyzing information related to their research projects in real time.

Scientists want to increase efficiency and productivity and are embracing new technologies. The rise of mobile devices and cloud-based data storage address some of the current challenges that scientists face. Data capture and access to information through mobile technology are rapidly adopted across all departments of an organization, including departments focused on research and development. PerkinElmer is working with companies worldwide to create mobile technologies that improve research efficiency and productivity.

Building on the successful launch of our mobile apps of ChemDraw® for iPad® and Chem3D® for iPad® and our cloud based Flick-to-Share™ technology, PerkinElmer is now adding another mobile technology that integrates with our electronic lab notebook (E-Notebook).


ImageENTRY™ is the first release in a series of productivity apps for researchers in the Physical and Life Sciences. With ImageENTRY™, scientists quickly capture an image with the iPhone® or iPod Touch® built-in camera, and securely upload it to a specific experiment within their PerkinElmer E-Notebook, thus providing visual content to their research in real-time.

The ImageENTRY™ app utilizes PerkinElmer's new communication layer called ENTRY Service™. This mobile web services component, installed on the E-Notebook application server, empowers companies to quickly and accurately capture data.

Highlights of this ImageENTRY™ 1.0.1 release include:

  • Secure and encrypted communication between the mobile device and E-Notebook, using the HTTPS communication protocol.
  • Designed and optimized for use with Apple iPhone® (iOS 7) and iPod Touch® (iOS 6.1 & 7), as well as with iPad® (iOS 7).
  • The EntryService™ takes advantage of E-Notebook's user security, authenticating users with their existing E-Notebook credentials.
  • Take a photo, or use an existing photo, and upload it to an active experiment in PerkinElmer's E-Notebook version 13.1 or 12.1.
  • Optionally save photos locally on the iOS device.
  • Contains metadata with each photo, including a timestamp, name, and description of the image.
  • View details about the experiments from the app to better understand where to send your photos.
  • Option to alter session time-out configuration on your iDevice settings.

Download the ImageENTRY™ app for free from the Apple Store.

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