In celebration of PerkinElmer's 75th Anniversary!

PerkinElmer Informatics Announces winner of 75th Anniversary
T-shirt contest!

We invited our ChemDraw and ChemBioOffice community to design a T-Shirt with a chemical structure or biological entity, created with ChemBioDraw. Rey Johnino Carinugan's Oxytocin design beat out nearly 150 other entries into our contest.

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Celebrating 75 Years of Making Life Better!

April 19, 2012 marks PerkinElmer's 75th anniversary as a brand (since the founding of Perkin-Elmer in 1937). Beginning on April 19th, we will begin celebrating this milestone under the theme of "Celebrating 75 Years of Making Life Better."

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Did You Know?

  • PerkinElmer coined the term LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) in 1979
  • In 1986 ChemDraw v1 was released. Chemists leapt at the chance to use the software instead of hand-drawing structures.
  • Today over 1M scientists worldwide use ChemBioDraw as their drawing, analysis and query tool.
  • PerkinElmer is a global leader in first trimester pre-natal screening and neonatal screening, with technologies that help save the lives of over 50 babies every day.
  • Through its digital x-ray imaging systems, PerkinElmer delivers technologies to help touch the lives of over 1 million people a year through cancer screening.
  • PerkinElmer currently provides over two million scientists worldwide with our electronic laboratory notebook and software.
  • In 2011, PerkinElmer instruments have helped to analyze almost two billion environmental samples.
  • PerkinElmer instruments are used to test approximately a half billion toys every year.
  • A Perkin-Elmer mass spectrometer arrived on Mars in 1976 with NASA's Viking lander.