LimsLink EI

Simply Powerful Chromatography Data Management

LimsLink™ EI for Chromatography helps laboratories accurately, efficiently and securely transfer data and information between their Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) and other informatics applications such as LIMS, Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN), Laboratory Execution Systems (LES) or enterprise platforms like SAP®.

Analysts appreciate the simple and intuitive interface

The unique Embedded Integration functionality of LimsLink EI simplifies chromatography data management for analysts. Embedded Integration adds menu items right in the CDS that give access to all of their CDS data management needs - without ever leaving the CDS.

Analysts can query LIMS for a list of samples that are scheduled to run, automatically add standards, blanks, replicates, etc. to the LIMS worklist, and load the complete sequence into the CDS - ready to run. It’s quick, easy and accurate.

After the run is complete, analysts simply use their standard CDS reporting procedures to send data to LIMS. LimsLink EI captures the report, extracts the data and automatically transfers results directly to any LIMS.

Embedded Integration is available for Empower®, TotalChrom™, ChemStation® and Chromeleon® chromatography data systems.

Menu items embedded in the CDS simplify data management for analysts

Figure 1: Menu items embedded in the CDS simplify data management for analysts
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Management values the efficiency, accuracy and security

Manually managing the large quantities of data generated by chromatography systems can be a time sink for the laboratory, a source of transcription and calculation errors and a roadblock to fast efficient data reporting.

LimsLink EI overcomes these obstacles with advanced capabilities for automating the most time consuming and error prone aspects of chromatography data management:

  • Sequence creation is automated reducing the time required to setup runs, creating more time for sample prep and analysis
  • Calculations such as averaging of duplicates, spike and RPD calculations, units conversion and limit checking can all be automated ensuring accuracy while increasing laboratory efficiency
  • Results can be available to clients and decision makers as soon as they are approved

Automated sequence creation is quick, efficient and accurate

Figure 2: Automated sequence creation is quick, efficient and accurate
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Password protection, electronic signatures, audit trails and archiving are all components in LimsLink EI that provide the highest level of security, protecting the integrity of CDS data and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

IT professionals appreciate the simplified implementation and support

IT professionals appreciate the CDS specific setup screens that simplify implementation and support on a single workstation or as an enterprise wide client/server application.

Simple drop down menus and check boxes are used to set up the connections to the LIMS and CDS. The configuration screens are specific for each type of CDS and use the CDS terminology, making this process easy to understand.

Multiple configurations can be set up and saved simplifying implementation for different workgroups or for individual analysts. LimsLink EI supports internal validation and versioning of these configurations and a lock down mechanism to prevent the use of invalidated configurations.

CDS specific setup screens simplify implementation and support

Figure 3: CDS specific setup screens simplify implementation and support
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