Ensemble for QA/QC

Meeting the Informatics Needs of QA/QC Laboratories

These laboratories play a critical role in any organization, providing the testing and the results that are needed to control manufacturing processes and to ensure the quality of raw materials, in process samples and finished goods.

  • Time is of the essence, as any delays in reporting can result in manufacturing losses, shipping delays and damage to a company's reputation if goods are shipped that don't meet specifications.
  • Accuracy is critical, so testing must strictly follow all the requirements of a Standard Operating Procedure - each and every time.
  • The laboratory must also ensure that processes and procedures are carried out and fully documented in a manner that supports regulatory compliance.

Informatics Solutions for QA/QC Laboratories

Ensemble addresses the full spectrum of informatics requirements in the QA/QC laboratory. Data is easily shared between applications. Processes are automated, controlled and documented in real time. Results are reported as soon as they are available.

Ensemble utilizes a scalable architecture to support all levels of deployment from a single site to the enterprise level. A thorough security and audit trail implementation provides support for stringent regulatory compliance requirements such as FDA (i.e. 21 CFR Part 11), GLP and GMP.

Solutions for Better Science and Better Business

The integrated solutions in Ensemble provide laboratories with access to the information they need - when they need it - visually highlighting situations that need immediate attention and helping decision makers to respond quickly and effectively.

Ensemble helps businesses meet the challenges facing QA/QC laboratories by enabling them to:

  • Maintain high attention to detail while reducing the time and cost required to qualify an area or material for use
  • Quickly communicate critical information to support business decisions
  • Deliver metrics on operational effectiveness and drive the reduction/elimination of non-value added tasks
  • Reduce the time and effort needed to capture, document and manage data associated with regulatory compliance

Ensemble meets the scientific and businesses challenges that QA/QC laboratories face every day.

  • Collaborative Scientific Solutions

    • iLAB Laboratory Execution System

      iLAB eliminates the inefficiencies and costs of paper based systems while providing automation and control over procedures at the bench level to ensure that SOP requirements are being met each and every time.


      LABWORKS LIMS manages more than just data. It manages time, resources and risk with a flexible configurable design that helps laboratories obtain benefits faster by avoiding lengthy customization and implementation projects.

    • LimsLink

      LimsLink provides accurate, efficient and real time transfer of data and information between instruments, instrument data systems and informatics systems.

    • LimsLink EI

      Exclusive Embedded Interface technology, which integrates CDS and LIMS at the most logical point – from right inside the CDS client.

    • Sample Tracker

      SampleTracker helps QA/QC laboratories operate more efficiently and deliver quality results faster by automating labor intensive activities. Sample Tracker improves access to sample data and information throughout the organization.

    • Inventory Management

      Inventory Management is a single, integrated solution that helps laboratories to effectively and efficiently manage any and all types of materials including chemical containers, biologics, consumables and other assets.

    • Calibration

      Calibration is a comprehensive instrument calibration solution that gives laboratories the confidence in their data that comes from having a thorough, consistent and fully documented calibration program.

    • Training

      Training reduces the time, effort and cost of managing all aspects of an employee training program and ensuring that laboratory personnel are always properly trained for the job.

    • Asset Genius

      Asset Genius from PerkinElmer is a business intelligence tool that helps management and laboratory leaders make informed, data driven decisions that increase productivity and drive efficiency by providing them with insight into how assets are deployed and utilized throughout their organization.

    • Connector for SAP

      Connector for SAP is an SAP integration solution that addresses the specific requirements of the laboratory.

    • Connectors

      Ensemble Connectors simplify the process of integrating laboratory instruments and systems with enterprise systems in order to improve the efficiency of data management.