Registration is a flexible, web-based application that helps pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance and chemical companies properly and more efficiently identify and track compounds, mixtures and batches used in research and development.

Registration offers powerful and configurable structure novelty checking to determine if a compound is new or a batch of a previous compound. Registration ID numbers and codes are configurable and the system can handle compounds, mixtures, batches and materials with no identified structure. Optional use of ChemScript can enforce structure-based business rules to ensure consistent presentation of scaffold orientations and functional groups.

  • Organizations can operate more efficiently in areas from materials management to research by linking supplies and experimental data to a single, common registration ID number
  • An extensible data model allows for the capture of additional supporting information such as chemical properties, synonyms, other identifiers (e.g. CAS Registry Number) and any other kind of manual or calculated result
  • A configurable project security system allows control over which users can see particular Registration records, which may be important when systems are shared between different collaborators with different security rights.

Flexible Tracking and Linking of Chemical Structures and Supporting Data

Out of the box integration with other Ensemble applications, including E-Notebook, Inventory, and ChemBioViz provides further flexibility in tracking and linking chemical structures and additional supporting data.

For example, compounds can be registered directly from E-Notebook, and containers for registered compounds can be created in Ensemble for Chemistry Inventory with the click of a button. Data is shared between the applications limiting the possibility of data entry error. If a change is made to the record in Registration it is automatically reflected in Inventory.

Registration is integrated with ChemBioDraw

Figure 1: Registration is integrated with ChemBioDraw
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Identify and Track Compounds and Batches

Registration provides companies with the tools they need to identify and track compounds and batches within their organization. With the extensible data model and through configurable add-ins, Registration provides the flexibility to track chemical structures and any additional supporting data. This provides an accurate, searchable corporate record of compounds and a consistent identifier for compounds to use across the entire organization.

  • Collaborative Scientific Solutions

    • Registration Enterprise 11.0

      Keeping track of newly synthesized or acquired compounds, tracking their physical properties and tests, and assigning unique identifiers is essential to any chemical R&D organization. All organizations, whether a small laboratory or large corporation, need some way to track this information.Registration System is a user friendly web based application for storing and searching over a proprietary chemical registry. The registry contains pure compounds and batches while managing salts, automatic duplicate checking and unique ID assignments.

      New compounds are entered through a web form, and chemical, along with non-chemical, data is kept in a temporary storage area. When the compound is registered, it is compared for uniqueness via a configurable, stereoselective duplicate check, and assigned a registry number. All information about the compound, including its test data and other syntheses, is tracked by the registry number.