Inventory manages the availability, whereabouts and stock levels of all in-house or commercially purchased chemical and biological reagents through a powerful yet easy to use interface. It helps scientists, stockroom managers and health and safety professionals – in organizations of all sizes – locate products whether they are located in a single stockroom or distributed over multiple sites. It reduces costs, increases efficiency and provides awareness of the health and safety aspects of the products being handled.

  • Chemists find the compounds they need quickly and accurately with chemically intelligent searches combined with text and/or numeric search.
  • Researchers can quickly view the total contents of any cabinet or refrigerator with the location tree navigation tool. The simple to use check-in/check-out function ensures that samples are retrieved and replaced in the correct location.
  • 1D/2D bar-coding provides a fast and simple method for locating items, creating lists, checking chemicals in and out of stockrooms, moving and retiring containers and instantly verifying the content of any container
  • The system is easy to configure to match a company’s workflows and security policies, rather than having to adapt them to match the system.

Inventory uses the industry leading ChemDraw tool to assure correct handling of chemical structures in the system.

Integration Saves Time and Improves Accuracy

Inventory saves time and enhances accuracy when integrated with other Ensemble modules such as E-Notebook, Available Chemicals catalog ChemACX and the Registration module. The ability to select an inventory container from within E-Notebook and automatically update the amounts used in the experiment makes it easier to keep Inventory up-to-date.

The racks and plates feature enables biologists and screening scientists to manage their material within a single centralized inventory system, saving infrastructure and maintenance costs and introducing a better framework for collaboration.

Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements

The 21CFR11 compliant Audit Trail in Inventory allows for its deployment in a GxP controlled environment. All changes to a container are documented in the audit trails and each new container or plate created from another existing one can be fully visualized through a lineage tree view. Dashboards can filter the data to show all changes made by a particular user or only the changes made in a particular location between two dates.

Inventory saves costs, increases efficiency and improves the health and safety awareness of the products being handled. By offering a centralized, secured and chemically intelligent system, it enables scientists, stockroom managers and health and safety professionals to quickly find the materials they need and their availability throughout the entire organization.

  • Collaborative Scientific Solutions

    • Inventory Enterprise 11.0

      Inventory Enterprise is a ChemOffice WebServer based application designed to manage the reagent tracking needs of chemical and pharmaceutical research centers. The system manages data associated with both commercially and internally produced chemical substances.Inventory Enterprise can be tightly integrated with CambridgeSoft’s Registration Enterprise and chemical procurement ChemACX DATABASE. Inventory Enterprise is designed for a range of sizes large workgroups to enterprises, and captures both stockroom and reagent needs as well as high - throughput discovery data.

      Inventory Enterprise is included in ChemOffice Enterprise Ultra and ChemOffice Enterprise Pro, AND in sold as an OPTION to ChemOffice Enterprise Std.