Ensemble for Chemistry

A Flash compatible player was not detected on your system, otherwise you would see videos here. If you can play an mp4, download video as mp4 here Ensemble for Chemistry understands the challenges that scientists face. Discover the tools that help chemists manipulate, search and explore information in order to make better decisions more quickly, avoid repetitive work and take advantage of existing knowledge.

Ensemble for Chemistry provides a complete, integrated suite of applications that manages chemical structures and their associated data and properties in an efficient and chemically intelligent way, enhancing chemists' productivity and enabling better decision-making.

Meeting Chemists' Informatics Needs

  • Chemists need tools that understand the chemistry behind the names, structures and reactions, so that compounds can be clearly identified and have the correct data associated with them
  • Chemists' drawing tools need to be efficient, easy-to-use, and generate high quality output for storage, publication, communication and sharing
  • Structures need to be stored securely so that they and their associated data can be retrieved using a variety of search, analysis and visualization tools for further manipulation and decision-making
  • Chemists work most efficiently when they have tools and content to support, design, record and share their experiments directly in their workflow
  • Organizations need to access and protect their intellectual property no matter how, where and by whom it is generated

Informatics Solutions for Chemists

Ensemble for Chemistry enables chemists to plan and record experiments, create structure-searchable databases of compounds and reactions, and locate, share and communicate their results. Ensemble for Chemistry provides industry-leading drawing tools with chemical intelligence integrated with workflow tools and chemical content to streamline data capture and to identify, label and track structures, samples and containers.

Enabling Better Chemistry

Ensemble for Chemistry helps businesses meet the challenges facing chemists by enabling them to:

  • Use ChemDraw to efficiently create and share chemically intelligent, publication ready structures and use the structures to generate names, explore 3D shapes, calculate properties and predict spectra with ChemOffice
  • Plan, execute and record experiments and create a secure searchable archive of intellectual property
  • Check the novelty of compounds and mixtures and assign unique identifiers to enable data linking and integration
  • Search for compounds and data with a variety of tools to facilitate structure-property correlation and decision-making.

Ensemble for Chemistry equips chemists with tools for personal productivity and enhanced decision-making while providing their organizations with enterprise-level secure storage and protection of chemical and associated intellectual property.

  • Personal Productivity Tools

  • Collaborative Scientific Solutions

    • ChemBioOffice

      ChemBioOffice is a scientifically intelligent, integrated suite of applications that helps scientists to organize and explore their compounds, reactions and associated properties.

    • ChemBioDraw

      ChemBioDraw provides a rich set of easy to use tools for creating publication ready, scientifically meaningful drawings of molecules, reactions and biological entities and pathways and for generating associated properties, systematic names and spectra.

    • ChemOffice

      ChemOffice is a scientifically intelligent, integrated suite of applications that helps scientists to efficiently keep track of their work, gain a deeper understanding of their data and produce scientific reports professionally and efficiently.

    • ChemDraw

      ChemDraw is the drawing tool of choice for creating publication-ready, scientifically meaningful drawings for use in ELNs, databases and publications and for querying chemical databases.

    • ChemBio3D

      ChemBio3D enables synthetic chemists and biologists to generate 3D models of small molecules and biochemical compounds and to perform calculations and actions on the models to explore properties and interactions.

    • ChemScript

      ChemScript is an easy-to-use chemical programming environment that helps organizations automate chemical data processing tasks using Ensemble for Chemistry’s wealth of chemically intelligent algorithms.

    • E-Notebook for Chemistry

      One of the most widely deployed electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN) for chemists, E-Notebook for Chemistry increases productivity, improves the quality of data captured and fosters collaboration and innovation for chemists in all industries.

    • LimsLink

      LimsLink provides accurate, efficient and real time transfer of data and information between instruments, instrument data systems and informatics systems.

    • Search Genius

      Search Genius™ provides researchers with a uniquely powerful tool to search and locate unstructured data in electronic lab notebook experiments, reports, presentations, file shares and technical documents and to save, annotate and share pertinent results.

    • Registration

      Registration is a flexible, web-based application that helps pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance and chemical companies properly and more efficiently identify and track compounds, mixtures and batches used in research and development.

    • ChemBioViz

      ChemBioViz combines the data organization, linking, query and result management of ChemBioViz with the advanced data visualization and analysis of the TIBCO Spotfire® software to enable powerful structure-property correlation.

    • Elements

      Elements is the cloud-based, scientific platform designed to provide educators, researchers and students with an affordable discipline-agnostic platform for collaboration. Both social and modular, Elements allows for flexible communication and collaboration with whomever, wherever and whenever you want.

  • Scientific Databases

    • ChemACX

      The CambridgeSoft Available Chemicals Exchange (ChemACX) is a database that provides a unified, up-to-date, structure-searchable source of more than 6.8 million substances, 6.7 million structures and 10.4 million products from over 670 suppliers worldwide – including large suppliers such as Sigma Aldrich, Fisher Scientific, Acros, and TCI America, as well as smaller specialized niche suppliers. This invaluable database allows scientist to quickly and easily search a single source for commercially available chemicals. ChemACX is indexed in the Elsevier Reaxys database.