Ensemble for Biology

Ensemble for Biology is an integrated suite of informatics solutions that focuses on the complex and varied needs of biological research.

Meeting Biologists' Informatics Needs

Biologists need informatics tools that help them to maintain their focus on research activities while managing a wide variety of data types and complex workflows in an environment that supports full collaboration across their organization.

  • The collection, management and sharing of sample and assay data needs to be efficient and flexible
  • Complex research and request workflows need to be streamlined to enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Barriers to data sharing and scientific communication need to be broken down to support cross therapeutic collaborations and decision making
  • Seamless integration across the organization is needed to integrate assay outcomes with chemistry and downstream development

Informatics Solutions for Biologists

Ensemble for Biology includes applications for drawing, screening, and visualization that incorporate the ability to search across experiments, compare multiple assay results and generate reports using drag and drop techniques, pre-made biology templates or templates created by the researcher.

Enabling Better Biology

Ensemble for Biology helps biologists to manage data from complex assays and workflows, and promotes cross functional collaboration across therapeutic and geographic boundaries.

  • Cross functional connections via a single platform enhance efficiency and consistency
  • Knowledge management and integration connects assays with bioprocesses
  • Networking various technological platforms to seamless process management
  • Researchers and developers are empowered to streamline processes across functional workflows

Ensemble for Biology gives researchers and their organizations the end-to-end solution they need to reduce the time to discovery through enhanced data management and organization, streamlined workflows, effective collaboration and subsequent connection with downstream development, while fully supporting regulatory compliance and protecting intellectual property.

  • Personal Productivity Tools

  • Collaborative Scientific Solutions

    • ChemBioOffice

      ChemBioOffice is a scientifically intelligent, integrated suite of applications that helps scientists to organize and explore their compounds, reactions and associated properties.

    • ChemBioDraw

      ChemBioDraw provides a rich set of easy to use tools for creating publication ready, scientifically meaningful drawings of molecules, reactions and biological entities and pathways and for generating associated properties, systematic names and spectra.

    • ChemBio3D

      ChemBio3D enables synthetic chemists and biologists to generate 3D models of small molecules and biochemical compounds and to perform calculations and actions on the models to explore properties and interactions.

    • FinchTV

      FinchTV is the popular way to view DNA sequence traces on Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, and Solaris. FinchTV started as the only chromatogram viewer that can display an entire trace in a scalable multi-pane view

    • E-Notebook for Biology

      E-Notebook accelerates the biology discovery process and helps biologists achieve their research goals by minimizing the time they spend collecting, collating, analyzing and managing data.

    • Bioanalytical Module

      The E-Notebook BioAnalytical Module is an essential, comprehensive solution that streamlines bioanalytical methods development and methods validation, reduces errors, speeds reviewing time and ensures GLP compliance.

    • GeneSifter

      Geospiza's products provide integrated solutions for genetic analysis to help researchers and core lab managers focus on the science - not the software.

    • Asset Genius

      Asset Genius from PerkinElmer is a business intelligence tool that helps management and laboratory leaders make informed, data driven decisions that increase productivity and drive efficiency by providing them with insight into how assets are deployed and utilized throughout their organization.

    • Search Genius

      Search Genius™ provides researchers with a uniquely powerful tool to search and locate unstructured data in electronic lab notebook experiments, reports, presentations, file shares and technical documents and to save, annotate and share pertinent results.

    • ChemBioViz

      ChemBioViz combines the data organization, linking, query and result management of ChemBioViz with the advanced data visualization and analysis of the TIBCO Spotfire® software to enable powerful structure-property correlation.

    • Elements

      Elements is the cloud-based, scientific platform designed to provide educators, researchers and students with an affordable discipline-agnostic platform for collaboration. Both social and modular, Elements allows for flexible communication and collaboration with whomever, wherever and whenever you want.