Ensemble Overview

Ensemble Overview

Ensemble: Informatics for Better Science

Better science happens when scientists are able to easily access, share and manage their scientific data and information in a collaborative, integrated and knowledge-driven environment.

In that environment, data and information can be fully exploited to help guide decisions, determine actions and continually move science forward.

A Collaborative Environment

Ensemble enables better science by creating a collaborative environment that dissolves organizational silos and establishes a collaborative and integrated workflow across functional areas from R&D to QA/QC. In the Ensemble environment:

  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity delivers lower costs and rapid time to market
  • Cross functional integration and information management minimizes cycle time
  • Compliance at various levels of regulatory requirements supports timely launch of new products
  • Uniform data representation enables transitions and workflow consistency
  • A single platform enables seamless workflow from discovery through development to QA/QC

An End-to-End Solution

Ensemble delivers an end-to-end solution for the management of data and the integration of workflows into seamless processes. The result is a complete, consistent, and collaborative environment that meets the scientific, operational and regulatory compliance needs of your organization and your customers.

A core component of the Ensemble collaborative environment is our E-Notebook electronic laboratory notebook solution. E-Notebook is used in all industries and across multiple disciplines to increase researchers' productivity, improve the quality of data captured and foster collaboration and innovation.

  • Analytics

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  • Ensemble for Biology

    Ensemble for Biology is an integrated suite of informatics solutions that focuses on the complex and varied needs of biological research.

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  • Ensemble for Chemistry

    Ensemble for Chemistry provides a complete, integrated suite of applications that manages chemical structures and their associated data and properties in an efficient and chemically intelligent way, enhancing chemists' productivity and enabling better decision-making.

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  • Ensemble for Formulations

    Ensemble for Formulations provides formulation scientists with an integrated suite of applications that is focused on the specific needs and challenges of formulation workflows.

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  • Ensemble for QA/QC

    Ensemble for QA/QC is a suite of integrated solutions that is tailored to meet the specific objectives and challenges of QA/QC laboratories.

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